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Maintaining and installing Lighting in and around your businesses

Working with all types of businesses in all types of places

When we sat down to write a list of places where we work - the list got bigger and bigger!

Northants Lighting works for all types of businesses in all types of places. Sometimes its not until our client asks us to do a survey that the realise all the places lighting is used and  that by putting them all together under one contract suddenly the can get an overall cost reduction on all their lighting together.

We have clients who have office blocks but they don't realise that the lighting on the outside of their buildings in the car parks or the walls of their buildings can be included. The bonus here of course is that we can make sure these bulbs are replaces on a schedule to reduce outage. The benefit being that staff and customers can find their way to their cars, and customers dont see partly illuminated building or worse still safety or logo signage.

Many landlords have the responsibility of lighting hallways and stair cases. If this lighting isnt maintained there is inevitably a period of distress when someone has to make an emergency visit - and during this period the building is dingy and frankly unsafe.

Warehousing. All lighting companies will give you examples of the cost saving of installing energy saving lighting. Its a given that modern lighting is far more efficient than old fashioned lighting. Of course we can do this for you. We take down and install lighting systems and test them for you. Whilst we are up the scaffolding we also suggest checking and testing other electrical systems. A service offered by us too.

Retail shops use lighting as a key sales tool. Correctly illuminating product and walkways. And of course fire safety lighting and equipment are all an integral consideration. We can do as much or as little as you want.

Public spaces use lighting on paths and access points for safety. These are definately lighting systems you want working at all times when its dark. We make sure our clients have nothing to worry about.

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